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Not sure what to do next? Read the FAQ below!

Proposals FAQ

What are proposals?

Proposals describe projects that aim to improve Crown. For example, there was a proposal for creating tutorial videos for newcomers of Crown, and another proposal asked funding for hosting servers. Click here to view a proposal template and example.

Where does that money come from?

Crown has a "Distributed Governance Proposal System" (CDGP). This system allows people to submit proposals to receive funding. The funding budget is created in the mining process: 10% of the mining reward goes to the budget. This is around 64,800 CRW per "superblock". A superblock occurs every 64,800 blocks, or roughly once a month.

Who decides what proposal gets funding?

Proposals are voted on by people who own "Trons". A Tron is a special node in the network that helps secure the network. Anyone can start a Tron by securing 10,000 CRW collateral. More info about starting your own Tron can be found here.

How do I create a proposal?

1. Create your proposal document
First, you need to create your proposal document. This contains all the information about your proposal, like the amount of CRW requested, your team, the goal of your project, etc. Upload this document and shorten the URL with a service like Bitly.

2. Prepare your proposal
Preparing your proposal requires 25 CRW, and is executed from your Crown client's console. The command is as follows:

mnbudget prepare proposal-name url payment_count block_start crw_address monthly_payment_crw

mnbudget submit my-proposal 1 1468800 134gSJkyiEvig42mJUAqSLGwbPBDhuvZCB 1

If successful, your wallet will be deducted 25 CRW and your console will show a 64 character long hash (e.g. 9e635d03077435a19da38414a4ff43f76bcb46d01334b6cfd95546d45de46c80).

3. Submit your proposal
Next, you submit your proposal to the network with this command (use the hash from step 2):

mnbudget submit proposal-name url payment_count block_start crw_address monthly_payment_crw hash

mnbudget submit my-proposal 1 1468800 134gSJkyiEvig42mJUAqSLGwbPBDhuvZCB 1 9e635d03077435a19da38414a4ff43f76bcb46d01334b6cfd95546d45de46c80

4. Rally support for your proposal
When your proposal is submitted, you will need to rally support for your proposal with the community. Ask the community for feedback on your proposal and try to get Tron owners to vote! Tron owners can vote using the following command:

mnbudget vote-many hash yes/no

mnbudget vote-many 202edb6f4124c4144d115f224e073107ea67b81bdd1dcf021b7600b4afde8257 yes