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iOS "CrownPay" wallet now available!

The Crown development team created the CrownPay application - basically a mobile wallet used on iPhones. After submission to iTunes, we were informed by Apple that our application was rejected since it did not comply with their internal rules for crypto currencies. The Crown team wrote back to Apple, highlighting that there are several crypto projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and others which have been allowed. 

Apple then advised us to submit an appeal to the review board. This is what the Crown team did, along with a detailed review as to why we thought we should be accepted. This again was met with a negative response from the review board. At that point, we thought that this decision was final. The team however did not give up and started to prepare Crownpay for Testflight, which makes it easy to invite users to test applications and collect valuable feedback before they are released on the App Store.

After several weeks of silence we then received a message from the Apple team. They informed us they had reconsidered their earlier rejections and that they may allow Crownpay on iTunes. Their condition was for us to change the developer account to a Limited (Ltd) company. One of our UK based developers has now setup a company and here we are! We have finally been accepted on iTunes after around 2 months of deliberations.

Lesson learned - never give up, this is the attitude of the DEV team!